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About TTLF
Since its inception in 1985, the Tennessee Transportation and Logistics Foundation has maintained comprehensive, specific knowledge of the ground transportation industry.   More...
Meet the Director

The TTLF team is led by its Director, Dr. Ray A Mundy.  Dr. Mundy has conducted a full range of economic, regulatory, managerial, and physical studies specifically focusing on the airport ground transportation industry. In the past decade he has completed ground transportation analyses for either the airport, city, or ground transportation operaters at more than twenty major U.S. and Canadian airports. More...

Services Offered through TTLF  
  • Evaluating current operations:  Analyzing the current performance of existing operations, their economic conditions, administrative procedures, and regulatory environment.
  • Analysis of administrative/regulatory options available for managing taxi and airport ground transportation.

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Expert witness services More...

The Airport Ground Transportation Industry

TTLF conducts two on-going national studies in airport ground transportation.  One is a study of how major U.S. and foreign airports are organized to provide ground transportation administration and the second study is an ongoing survey of all firms listed in U.S. Yellow Pages as providing ground transportation.  More...


The Taxi Industry

In the past several years TTLF has completed taxi analyses for either the airport, city, or taxi operators at more than ten major U.S. and Canadian airports.

Dr. Mundy conducts two national conferences each year, a portion of which is dedicated to the administration and regulation of airport taxis. More...

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